Sulphite Free Wines

It's important to mention from the outset that 100% sulphite free wine does not technically exist, as very small traces of sulphur are produced naturally as a by-product of the fermentation process (usually less than 10 parts per million). The next best thing is to seek out well-made no sulphur added wines (commonly called 'sulphite free' wines), for which Vintage Roots has an excellent reputation. Explore our organic no sulphur added wines, along with our no sulphur added mixed cases. A good majority of our wines are also low sulphur, which means that they’ve been made with just 50% or less of their maximum allowed dosage for organic rules.

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Sulphite free wine FAQs

What are sulphites?

Sulphites, sulphur dioxide, and SO2 all describe the same thing. In winemaking, it is most commonly added in the forms of potassium metabisulphite, ammonium or potassium bisulphite.

Most winemakers use sulphites in varying amounts, helping to fight off both bacteria and oxidation, making it a useful chemical to preserve and clean up wine. However, sulphur can cause allergic reactions of various types and severity, including headaches, rashes, low blood pressure, and breathing difficulties for asthmatics. As you can have great tasting, high-quality wine made without sulphur additions, an increasing number of wine drinkers are searching these out as a way to best maintain health.

Does all wine contain sulphur?

No added sulphur wines are made with no sulphur dioxide at all, so the risk of allergic reaction is reduced. Many see this as a general health benefit, as we all have different sensitivities and avoiding unnecessary chemicals makes sense.

Note: as we mentioned above, there are very low levels of sulphur produced naturally during fermentation, so there is no true ‘sulphite free’ wine or ‘sulphur free’ wine. The name ‘no sulphur’ refers to no sulphur added during wine production.

Many of our no sulphur added wines will be below 10ppm (below this threshold no allergy labelling is legally necessary), though wine producers often choose to still have the warning message ‘Contains Sulphites’ on their labels too (just in case).

More information about sulphur-free wines can be found in our Guide to Sulphites in Wine.

Is all sulphur bad for you?

Our bodies are all different and we all react differently (it might be true though, that more than a fair share of hangovers get blamed on sulphites, as alcohol also has an effect!). However, many of our customers report a better or clearer, ‘morning after’ feeling, after drinking No Sulphur Added or Low Sulphur organic wines.

Generally, organic no added sulphur wine has a much lower chance of causing negative reactions, so they’re the ideal option for those with allergies to sulphur and sulphites.

How much sulphites are in wine and organic wine?

Depending on the type of wine, the amount of sulphites in wine can range anywhere from under 10 to 400+ parts per million. All organic wines (by certification standards) have their maximum sulphur levels set below what’s allowed for conventional wines.

As a general rule, red wines need less sulphur than white wines, as reds have natural compounds in the tannins and skins that help protect the wine naturally. Drier white wines are often more delicate and fragile, requiring extra sulphur to help preserve.

Is wine with no added sulphites added better?

Selection is a vital part–we know there are many poor, tainted and badly oxidised examples of ‘no sulphur added’ wines around, but we’ve done the work for you and selected some of the best around at competitive prices. Check out some of our recommended organic no sulphur added wines below. Well made no sulphur added wines tend to shine brighter with colour, flavour and aromas.

Our recommended organic ‘sulphur free’ wines

For a No Added Sulphur Tempranillo, try this one from Bohem. A smooth choice with soft tannins, the ripe black summer fruits make for an enjoyable drink.

The Insieme Nero d’Avola No Added Sulphur is soft and supple with a depth of flavour that will leave you reaching for glass after glass.

Prefer an organic white wine instead? Try this No Added Sulphur White from Stella for a cool and refreshing flavour that’s not only delicious, but vegan too!