Organic Chilean Wines

Chile is popular for the great value wines it produces which are full of ripe fruit flavours and balanced acidity. It's also a world leader in organic and ethical methods of production, which is just another reason to buy these terrific wines. Chilean wines date back to the 16th Century. Brought to the New World by the Spanish conquistadores, wine-making was soon adopted by the country.

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By the 19th Century, the French had brought Cabernet Franc, Carmenere, Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon and to Chile, where the grapes found a new home in the ideal climate.
Thanks to the climate–akin to the climates of France and California–Chile is ideally placed to practise organic winemaking, with very few risks from pests and disease. Chilean organic wines from the Maipo region are particularly sought after, thanks to their blackcurrant notes and their dense, lush palates.

Nothing says classic Chilean wine like Carmenere, with the Nuevo Mundo wines being the first to make Carmeneres in the country. Teillery Estate has the first no-sulphur-added Chilean wine, and the oldest organic estate Emiliana have helped develop the organic and biodynamic movement in the country, with their fabulous and diverse range of wines. From Chile’s most famous winemaker comes the biodynamic wines of Alvaro Espinoza, who is also closely involved with Emiliana.