Organic Rum

Rum is traditionally known for its sweet flavours and aftertaste. Sugarcane and molasses, after all, are its typical base ingredients. So what constitutes organic Rum? For one, the ingredients should be derived from natural sources, which normally means sugar cane grown without synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. For remarkable smoothness and purity, we do recommend organic Rum and spirits.

With origins dating back to 17th century in the Caribbean Islands, Rum has since become a beloved drink across the world. In earlier times, molasses was produced by boiling the syrup from sugar canes and leaving it to cure in clay pots. The resulting sweet, sticky mass was used in an early form of distillation to create what is now enjoyed as Rum.

Aged rum has become a mainstay drink for connoisseurs while more casual drinkers use Rum for creating an endless combination of cocktail blends such as mojitos. As a standalone drink, though, Rum is a beverage worthy of being swirled in a glass and enjoyed slowly sip by sip.

So where can you get the best organic Rum? Prominent producers include tropical regions like Paraguay that grow sugarcanes using the same cultivation methods practiced by native growers in the Caribbean. This means undergoing the painstaking process of harvesting the cane and extracting the juice using heavy-duty wringer machines. At no point is the cane or extracted sugar exposed to synthetic chemicals and pesticides. The strictest methods are adhered to for ensuring purity without fillers and preservatives. Anything less would be considered refined and unworthy of use for organic Rum making.

Rum can be enjoyed in so many ways – it is also used for baking and is often the main ingredient in various fruit cakes and other pastry delights. If you enjoy the delicate sweetness of unrefined raw sugar, then Rum combines that sweetness with the strong natural kick of distilled alcohol. All our Rums are also fair trade. The Single Estate White, Spiced Golden Rum and Organic Golden Rums are all from Papagayo in Paraguay or try the British Polo Double Spiced Rum or Dà Mhìle’s Dark Skies Organic Rum.