Organic Pinot Noir Wines

Very much on trend, our organic Pinot Noir wines are favourites among our customers. Ethereal and fickle, Pinot Noir is prized by winemakers and drinkers alike for the delicate, nuanced flavours it can provide. On the other hand, its thin skin and susceptibility to disease make it tricky to grow. Burgundy is its spiritual homeland, but many other cooler regions make excellent examples – including Languedoc, Australia, and New Zealand.

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The grape is believed to consistently produce some of the best wines in the world, and a good Pinot Noir is highly prized. It is also used in the production of Champagne and other sparkling wines, where the grapes are gently pressed to keep a pale colour.

You can find Pinot Noir from many different regions, but they will generally all have light colours, medium body, and low tannins. The aging process of Pinot Noir is unpredictable. When young, Pinots have heavy berry flavours, but as the wine ages, it tends to develop deeper “barnyard” flavours. These may sound unpleasant, but can be beautiful when combined with the delicate Pinot fruit flavours.

If you want the best organic Pinot Noir around, take a look at the list of Pinots below. Vintage Roots is dedicated to bringing you only the best in the world!