Organic Spanish Wines

Famous for its Rioja and Sherry, Spain has a wealth of wine styles waiting to be discovered, from crisp fruity Verdejo to the powerful reds of Navarra and Ribera del Duero. As the world's third-largest wine producing nation, it's no surprise that Spanish wine can be found everywhere!

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There are far too many excellent organic Spanish wine options to list them all! One of the best is Albariño, wine with its slight hint of salt from the sea spray. Albet i Noya pioneered Spain’s first organic wines, and the bottles produced by this estate are on-par with the best wines in the world.

For value, look for organic wines from central Spain’s La Mancha region. If you want a good sparkling wine, you’ll want the bottles from Penedes (formerly known as Cavas). There’s nothing like Tempranillo for a high-quality Spanish red, and it is one of the best Spanish organic wine options for anyone! The full-bodied flavours of the wine make it a delight on the palate. But it’s the Rioja region that stands out from the rest, thanks to their combination of fruity and earthy flavour, and widespread careful use of oak barrels for ageing. Garnacha wines are other Spanish reds we recommend trying, and you of course can’t forget about Sherry style wines too!