Our Roots

We’ve always believed that ‘organic’ is simply the way wine should be. We source the very best organic and biodynamic wines we can find, at prices you can afford.

Great wines always begin in the vineyard, from the roots up.

Our values, our energy and our passion for authentic wine and ethical business remains as strong as ever.

Neil Palmer & Lance Pigott – Directors

Vintage Roots Today

The original founders and directors of the business are Neil Palmer and Lance Pigott. They both work in the business still, on a day to day basis.

The business is a lot bigger than it was of course, and now includes a team of fifteen and more. Many of us still have to multi task and apart from all the buying, marketing, finance, office and customer service roles, we have warehouse (we pick and pack all our own orders), drivers and a hard working sales team too.

Neil on Vintage Roots…

“35 years on, and I still get a huge buzz out of running Vintage Roots, there’s never a dull moment and I’m hugely proud of what we’ve achieved and where we are heading. I also don’t have to preach the benefits of ‘organic’ any more as I did with evangelical zeal in the old days (I guess I must have bored the pants off folk at parties!). People know what organic wine is all about nowadays; I’ve now got the confidence just to say ‘taste that’…” My 1st big break: “Dad showing me how to use the corkscrew!”

Lance on Vintage Roots…

“My 1st big break: “Either selling our first van load of 60 cases in the first 2 months of business – way beyond what we expected – or possibly selling about 2,000 cases of a red called Albaric (VPD du Gard) into Peter Dominics as it then was, in the late 80s…. it was a BIG deal way back then!”

We support small independent
wine producers with
the same beliefs
as ourselves.

Steve Lewis – General Manager