Organic Viognier Wines

This white wine grape variety is the only permitted grape within the Rhone Valley region of Condrieu, but it's also found in South America, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. A small amount is sometimes added to Syrahs to give the wines better colour and bouquet.

The grape is challenging to ferment, thanks to the fact that minimal exposure to oxygen can destroy the aromatic notes. The grapes require a long, warm growing season, but one without too much heat. Too much heat, and the grape becomes sugary, which would give too much alcohol without enough aroma. It is also a low-yielding grape, making it challenging to grow.

Viognier wine has become fashionable thanks to its distinct perfume of apricot and peach, and its luscious mouthfeel. Grown all over the world by winemakers who have fallen for its heady charms, this is great with a huge range of foods. The wine has a soft, lush character, with natural aromatics heavy on stone fruits, minerals, and violets.

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